The executive management of Hofseth BioCare comprise of executives with good domain knowledge within their job functions and with senior management experience from across the industry. The executive management of Hofseth BioCare currently includes the following persons.

Roger Hofseth

Chief Executive Officer

Roger established Hofseth BioCare i 2009.

Roger Hofseth has been a menber of the board since he established the company i 2009. Hr. Hofseth steped in as CEO August 2017. Hr. Hofseth is also CEO of Hofseth International AS.


Jon Olav Ødegård

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Olav Ødegård is CFO of Hofseth BioCare

Mr. Ødegård has been with Hofseth BioCare since March 2013. Before HBC, he held the position as Managing Director of Factoring in the SpareBank 1 Group, where he was responsible for strategy and business development, compliance and risk management. Furthermore, Ødegård has worked as an advisor specialized in process and efficiency improvement in a number of industries. Mr. Ødegård holds an MBA from Norwegian School of Management.


Karl Inge Slotsvik

Chief Operating Officer

Karl Inge Slotsvik joined Hofseth BioCare in January 2017.

Mr. Slotsvik is coming from the largest family owned Food&Frangrance company globally, Firmenich, where he joined in 2004. He has been one of the key persons in their Seafood Business unit, with regards to product development, process improvement and management of the seafood affiliate Firmenich Bjørge Biomarin, which is located just outside Aalesund. After a period of managing the production, Slotsvik was appointed the position as General Manager in 2008, before spending the last two years at Firmenich focusing on R&D, innovation, sales and business development, being the head of the global seafood development in the group holding the position as Global Innovation and Business development Director.  


Bomi Framroze

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Framroze is a Discovery scientist with over 40 worldwide patents and publications in Life Science and Chemical software research. He has been an Associate Director of Chemical Discovery at American Cyanamid, an Executive Director at Gharda Chemicals Ltd. and was Founder/CSO of Row2Technologies Inc. Since 2004 he has been carrying out Discovery research in process technologies, biochemistry and marine ingredients.

Kai Morten Thuen

Marketing Manager

Kai Morten Thuen is Marketing Manager of Hofseth BioCare

Kai Morten Thuen has been Marketing Manager of Hofseth BioCare since August 2014.
Mr. Thuen has his past experience from telecommunication. Before Hofseth BioCare he worked 7 years for Hello AS where he was involved in nearly every part of the organisation, from customer care, sales, quality management and marketing. Furthermore, Thuen previously worked for Skandiabanken and NextGenTel. Thuen has his education from BI in Ålesund and DPH, now NITH, in Bergen.



Matt Mixter

Managing Partner Hofseth North America

With almost a decade of diverse experience in the seafood industry and over 5 years of dealing with our sister company Hofseth International, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge and proven success to the HBC organization.