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Our products have no chemical additives, are not concentrated nor subjected to destructive processing techniques. We use a gentle, low-temperature, production process which preserves all the best qualities of fresh Norwegian Atlantic Salmon.

All our plants and products are certified for human nutrition by Norwegian authorities.

Our low oxidation salmon oil has a natural red color and has shown excellent results when compared to generic fish oil.

Our protein has the fastest nitrogen uptake into your body when compared to the best protein products in the market today. 

Unique product fractions from our proprietary hydrolysis process. Within hours from when our salmon are harvested, we produce unique and fresh salmon oil, proteins and calcium at our plants.
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    Fresh Salmon Oil

    Protective health

    OmeGo is the freshest Norwegian salmon oil available on the market today. It is produced in Norway using the purest process possible. The oil is gently liberated from salmon offcuts free of contaminants, with practically no taste and odor and the best clinical results.

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    Hydrolyzed Protein

    Strength & Energy

    ProGo is a soluble protein powder produced from Salmon that has the fastest uptake of protein nitrogen into the body. ProGo is very important for your body when you have exercised and your muscles have broken down protein.

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    Marine Calcium

    Quality of Life

    CalGo is a marine, calcium powder produced from salmon bones without any artificial chemicals or additives added in.

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