Norwegian salmon protein wins international health award

OSLO, May 13 2016 – ProGo™ salmon protein, produced by Norwegian biomarine company, Hofseth BioCare, was named Ingredient of the Year – Weight Management during the prestigious 2016 NutraIngredients Awards in Geneva, Switzerland.

“We are honored and delighted to have received this award, which is highly recognized in the nutrition industry. It’s a testament to the quality of our product and will give ProGo a boost in the international market. In their evaluation, the judges highlighted our sustainable production, well-documented effects, and a significant future market potential,” says Kai Morten Thuen, VP of Marketing and Global Sales at Hofseth BioCare.

The NutraIngredient Awards are organised by, a world leader within product information for health foods, supplements, and nutrition. The judging panel consists of independent industry experts from the food and nutrition industry worldwide.

Weight management products is a rapidly growing market. Globally, 1.2 billion people are classified as overweight, while 250 million are considered morbidly obese.

“In a jungle of diet and nutrition products, some more serious than others, it is important for us to get recognised for professional and scientific product development. The award is a validation from independent experts confirming that ProGo affects metabolism and leads to weight reduction. Studies have shown that, for instance, consuming 16 grams of ProGo over a period of six weeks, leads to six percent reduction in BMI,” said Thuen.

The products were evaluated according to strict criteria, including the scientific quality, documented efficacy, safety, innovation, sustainability, and market potential. Altogether, there were 120 registered products competing in the category Ingredient of the Year.

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Kai Morten Thuen, VP of Marketing and Global Sales, Hofseth BioCare
 +47 916 38 401

About ProGo:
ProGo - Salmon Protein Hydrolysate powder is the fastest absorbing protein supplement in the marketplace. Due to its rapid uptake and greater than 98% digestibility, it will be the nutrition source of choice for medical food applications in infants, post-surgery and geriatric adults. In early clinical studies, ProGo has also shown the ability to help increase red blood cells (Hemoglobin) in anaemic individuals even more than with heme iron containing foods, such as beef.