Hofseth BioCare’s salmon protein outperform whey proteins

New study shows that Hofseth BioCare’s salmon protein outperform whey proteins by 20% to 79% on nitrogen bioavailability in your body.

Hofseth BioCare’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bomi Framroze recently published an article on protein absorption in Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease, showing higher nitrogen bioavailability compared to whey protein isolate by 79% and extensively hydrolysed whey protein by 20%.

The results of this study strongly indicates that Hofseth BioCare’s hydrolysed salmon protein (SPH) provides a higher proportion of bioaccessible nitrogen to a healthy adult compared to all forms of whey proteins, including extensively hydrolysed whey protein hydrolysate.

SPH was the protein substrate from which the highest amount of nitrogen (67.0%) becomes available for the small intestine absorption. WPH-High (Highly hydrolysed) had the second highest amount (56.0%) of bioaccessible nitrogen while this amount decreased to 38.5–42.2% for the other protein substrates. The high nitrogen bioaccessibility of SPH is consistent with its richness in low molecular weight peptides (50% < 1000 Da).

Read this exiting article here: http://functionalfoodscenter.net/files/89702862.pdf