The study performed by KGK Science Inc. in Canada demonstrates that daily consumption of 4 g CollaGo® for 128 days can safely increase everyday energy levels, improve hair/nail/skin health, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation and improve red cell parameters.

Hofseth BioCare ASA has recently published a Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of CollaGo® (a new HBC Salmon Protein Hydrolysate Powder product) on Energy Increase and Anti-inflammatory Modulation in Healthy Males and Females.

This study in a healthy population of participants showed that 128-day supplementation with CollaGo® resulted in significant improvements in perceived total and average energy levels.

These improvements in energy levels were supported by 2% and 1% increases in hemoglobin levels and RBC counts as well as a significant 7% decrease in the RDW after the 128-day supplementation indicating improvements in red cell indices after supplementation with CollaGo®.

Moreover, several genes associated with reducing oxidative stress including APOE, SOD1 and GPX1 were upregulated, and a significant 9% reduction in ROS/RNS activity occurred after 128 days supplementation with CollaGo®.

Anti-inflammatory cytokine IL-10 showed a 57% improvement that was supported by 14% and 15% improvements in the levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines- IL-8, and CRP respectively.

Moreover, all participants reported statistically significant improvements in their hair, nails, and skin health after supplementation. All hematological and clinical chemistry parameters remained within normal laboratory ranges indicating the product was well-tolerated and generally safe.

KGK is pursuing a unique set of claims for the CollaGo® label with Health Canada, based on these and their other R&D results.

Qualified Investigator is David Crowley, M.D. at KGK Science Inc.
The study is available on www.clinicaltrials.gov and www.hofsethbiocare.com

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Bomi Framroze, CSO at Hofseth BioCare ASA

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HBC ingredients and product family includes OmeGo® and Brilliant™ Salmon Oil, ProGo® and CollaGo® Salmon protein hydrolysates, CalGo® and Nøre™ Marine Calcium, and PetGo™ partly hydrolysed protein.

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