Equal treatment and transactions with close associates

Hofseth BioCare has one class of shares. Each share in the Company carries one vote. Any transactions that the Company may carry out in own shares will be done through the stock exchange or at prevailing stock exchange prices if carried out in any other way.

All shareholders shall be treated on an equal basis. The shareholders shall not be exposed to differential treatment that lacks a factual basis in Hofseth BioCare’s and the shareholders’ common interest.

Transactions with close associates
Included in the rules of procedures for the Board, there are guidelines for how the members of the Board and the CEO should act in discussions or decisions of issues in which have a special personal importance to them, or to any closely related party of the member in question.

Transactions with related parties are governed by market terms and conditions in accordance with the “arm’s length principle”.

The Company’s Board and management and their related parties, as well as all companies in the Hofseth group, including Roger Hofseth AS and Hofseth International AS, will be related parties to Hofseth BioCare.  All transactions with related parties are undertaken as a part of the normal course of business and at “arm’s length” and market prices.

Transactions with related parties are further described in notes to the annual accounts.