Corporate Governance

Hofseth BioCare is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance that will strengthen confidence in the company and thereby contribute to optimal value creation over time. The objective of corporate governance is to regulate the division of roles between shareholders, the Board of Directors and executive management more comprehensively than is required by legislation.

Any deviations from these guidelines will be explained in this Corporate Governance Policy in accordance with the “comply or explain” principle. The Policy will be reviewed periodically and revised as appropriate to ensure high quality corporate governance.

In order to ensure compliance to this Policy Hofseth BioCare further elaborates these specific guidelines:

  • Rules of procedure for the Board of Directors
  • Instructions for the Chief Executive Officer and other management
  • Guidelines for the auditor’s and associated persons’ non-auditing work
  • Code of conduct of business ethics and corporate social responsibility
  • Investor relations policy
  • Audit committee charter
  • The Board of Directors' annual report includes a corporate governance report.

The latest report on Corporate Governance was adopted by the Board of Directors on April 30 2014.